Image of a temperature-measuring-strip P-Type
Image of a temperature-measuring-strip  S-Type
Image of a temperature-measuringpoint
Image of a temperature-measuring-strip waterproof

ibv TM-Strips are chemical reacting thermometers which show you temperatures with an irreversible change of colour.

ibv TM-Strips are very easy to use:
After removing the protecting paper from the back, apply ibv TM-Strips to a clean and dry surface.

If the temperature reaches an indicated value, the corresponding element will show an irreversible colour change from grey to black very quickly ( less than one second ). The reached temperature now can easily be read off and because of the irreversible change of colour you also can keep the used strip into your archives. This is very useful for example in your Quality Management System, where you document your temperature controls. ibv TM-Strips are available with different properties to cover all possible requirements of our customers. They cover a temperature range from 37,8 °C up to 260°C.

The scope of applications is virtually unlimited, and very useful, where temperatures cannot be measured with conventional equipment or where measuring is rendered difficult such as on hardly accessible measuring spots or where measuring spots are moving.

Tolerance is appr. ± 1 % of the indicated temperature.
If you keep the TM-Strips in a cool and dry place you can use them for years.

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